The Future of Chemistry is Global

Sebastian Weber1,2, Evijola Llabani2, Lori Ferrins2, Felicia Lucci2, Sophie Carenco2 and Catherine Rawlins2

1Institue of Chemical Technology, Leipzig University, Linnéstraße 3, 04103, Leipzig, GER

2IYCN Executive Board, International Younger Chemist Network, ns, ns, ns, GER

The International Younger Chemists Network (IYCN) began as a task force at the 2015 ACS National Meeting in Boston between a group of young chemists from the USA, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The ultimate goal was to create a truly unified international network for young chemists to connect and share ideas. Successful efforts lead to the official launch of IYCN as an associated organisation of IUPAC in 2017. Currently, our membership base includes any chemist under the age of 35 or someone within 5 non-continuous years from their terminal degree and spans six continents. We are a global network working to establish a platform that fosters communication, mentorship, and collaboration between our members. Our vision is focused on empowering our young chemist members to lead positive change worldwide.

IYCN have been active in the chemistry arena holding a student exchange with Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) in 2017, sponsoring a poster award at the annual symposium of the ACS Nigeria Student chapter, and organising a green chemistry symposium at IUPAC 2017 to name a few examples. One of our main initiatives is the publication of experiments, which are designed to be performed with non-specialised equipment and translated into multiple languages. Additionally, we are developing online webinars, building a calendar of conference activities, and planning more student exchanges between countries in different parts of the world. We will discuss our current progress towards these goals, and provide more detailed information about IYCN.